Real-time Camera Recording & Streaming

Connect your surveillance cameras and start recording now.

View your cameras now

Whether you have cameras installed at your home or business
treamnvr can connect, record and monitor.


Real-time Playback

Secure your cameras

Accessible from anywhere

View and manage your camera feeds from your desktop or
mobile device without needing a special application.

Perfect for any location

Feature rich

100+ Installations

567+ Cameras

3 Continents

42+ Petabytes of data

Home Surveillance

Protect your home by connecting your surveillance cameras to the streamnvr cloud platform and take advantage of off-site 24x7 recording.

Business Surveillance

Secure your business and monitor operations in real-time with our 24x7 camera recording platform.

Enterprise Security

Connect multiple locations through our intuitive user interface organizing your camera feeds by location, type, activity and more.


All Plans Include 

Unlimited Bandwidth

View and watch your cameras as much as you possibly can.


Share your videos and cameras with anybody who you allow.

All in the cloud

Utilize our 100% cloud based, scalable and highly available infrastructure.

Enhanced Security

Your data is encrypted and locked down which only you control.

Detailed Stats

Know when your cameras detect motion, go offline, and more.

Video Wall

View your cameras on your big screen tv or projector.


Customize your plan by picking only the add-ons you need.

No Special Apps

Know when your cameras detect motion, go offline, and more.

Live Monitoring

Receive real-time updates when your cameras have problems.

Ready for real-time, 24x7 recording?

Get instant access to your cameras now

Why Choose Enterprise?

We're in the business of keeping you in business.

Take advantage of unprecedented platform customization
capabilities through our Business Support Department.

we're here for you

Be treated with Enterprise Grade Support.

Effective Pricing

Only pay for what you need and receive complimentary discounts as you scale your business with us. We're in the business of keeping you in business.


Dedicated Support Team

We support you! Business accounts are assigned a personal support liaison that will not only keep an eye on things but will personally reach out to you if there are changes that need to be made to your account to better take advantage of our platform & services.


Our platform is your platform.

Our team of engineers will help integrate your business no matter the shape or size. We'll even go as far as customizing our code to support your requirements!


Unlimited Camera Sources


White Label & Customizable


Open API Integration

Contact our Business Support Team

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