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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "cloud based NVR"?

Cloud based NVR's connect to your surveillance cameras remotely while recording your video, saving it to the cloud. Heavy duty processing needed for motion detection and video compression is off loaded to cloud based servers eliminating the requirement for you to have expensive hardware at your location.

Traditional NVR's vs. Cloud NVR's

Most traditional NVR's run on computers at your location(s) requiring expensive hardware to process and store your video recordings. Using a cloud NVR removes this requirement while allowing you to only pay on a per-camera basis resulting in exponentially lower costs and superior capabilities.

I need help!

We provide many ways to contact us including live chat. After signing up for your account you will automatically be prompted to talk to a support engineer to help you set things up. You can also visit our support center for the latest information.

Do you provide a money back guarantee?

Yes. All subscriptions come with a "no questions asked" 30-day money back guarantee.

Our official policy is located here and our terms of service is located here.

Do you support my camera?

We support all cameras that provide the industry standard HTTP, RTMP and/or RTSP protocol. We are one of the few platforms that do not restrict you to a particular manufacturer or brand. We support over 1,000+ cameras in circulation today.

When am I charged?

We do not require a credit card for signing up. Once you have connected your camera(s) you can upgrade for enhanced functionality. To learn more about pricing visit our pricing page or you can contact us.

Are my videos secure?

Absolutely! Our platform is designed with security first. Your data is not only located in our secure cloud but is also encrypted.

Only you can grant access to your video recordings and camera streams.

I have an awesome idea. Who do I tell?

We're constantly rolling out new features and fine tuning our platform. We invite all of our users to share their ideas.

Who knows, will your idea be our next feature?
Contact us now and let's go to the drawing board!

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