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# Networking Support

Demystify camera networking concepts and learn what you need to do to configure your network.

What is port forwarding?

Port forwarding in a way to allow an external network like streamnvr to connect to an external (public) facing port that is mapped to an internal (private) port such as an ip camera.

In order for us to connect to your camera(s) you will need to setup port forwarding (see below).

Help, I don't know how to setup port forwarding!

If you do not know how to setup port forwarding or are running into trouble please do not hesitate to contact us immediately and our enterprise support team will help you get setup.

What IP addresses does streamnvr come from?

In order to allow streamnvr to connect to your network you will need to allow our two ip addresses to connect. This is typically done on your router under the firewall settings.

Allow the following two ip addresses to connect:


How fast of an internet connection do I need?

You will need at least 5Mbp/s per camera that you want to connect to streamnvr.

How do I find out how fast my internet connection is?

To find out how fast your internet connection is go to

What the heck is RTSP?

RTSP stands for “Real-time Streaming Protocol”.

This protocol is the industry standard protocol used for ip camera streaming and used here at streamnvr to connect to your cameras.

What ports do I need to allow?

IP cameras typically all listen on port 554 (known as the “RTSP” port).

In order for us to connect to your camera you will need to setup port forwarding to allow an external port such as 10000 on your router or firewall and point it to your internal ip camera’s ip address such as on port 554.

For each camera you will open a port publicaly and “forward” it internally to your camera.

If you need a hand or are running into trouble please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Do you let me know if my camera becomes unreachable?

Yes. We monitor your cameras 24×7 for accessibility.

In the event your internet connection goes down or your camera becomes unreachable you will immediately receive a notification.

To manage your notification settings visit your control panel and camera settings.


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