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We take customer support seriously. Learn how to get support and get your issues resolved.

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Can I give someone else access to my cameras?

Absolutely! We allow you to give access to your cameras by creating and managing user accounts.

By using user accounts you can control who has access and what cameras and features they can control.

Do not give out access to your account using your own login information.

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Can I share a recording without giving access to my account?

Yes. We provide a “Link Sharing” feature that allows you to give access to a specific recording by sending a special link to your recipient(s).

This will allow them to have access to that recording only.

To manage your shared links click here.

Do you support multiple locations?

Yes. You can add as many locations as you want.

Locations allow you to group, or organize, your cameras such as by a physical location/site.

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We take customer support seriously. Learn how to get support and get your issues resolved.

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